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Here’s the hard truth: Standing out for biopharma jobs is like acing a test—It’s not enough to know your stuff, you have to be a good test taker, too.

In other words, biopharma recruiters and hiring managers want to see SPECIFIC things on LinkedIn profile. They won’t proactively reach out to consider you for positions unless you check certain boxes.

The good news: I speak recruiter and hiring manager! Seriously, I’ve recruited for Big Pharma, small startups, and companies in between. So, in one short video session, I can tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to get your LinkedIn profile on the right track.


If your LinkedIn profile is:

  • Just sitting there, not getting any views or DM’s from hiring managers and recruiters
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  • A constant source of frustration because your hard work and updates have done nothing

I’m here to help!

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  • Small mistakes could be costing your job offers, I'll help you weed them out
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  • As recruiter for leading biotech and pharma companies, I know what they're looking for in a top candidate


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