You know you have to send a thank you note after a job interview. (Seriously — there are hiring managers that’ll change their minds if you don’t.)

But you also don’t want to send the generic, no-value-add “Thank you for your consideration,” message everyone else is going to write. Why? Because you want a call back! And I don’t want you to waste this opportunity to share more of yourself and your value with the hiring manager.

Thank you note guide mock-up.png

This is a key moment to differentiate yourself and pull ahead in the hiring process. I’m here with a solution. I’ve created a custom formulas for the most common situations that’ll allow you to stand out AND see results. I’ve got you covered with:

  • 5 Steps You Can Customize to Any Role and Company
  • Insights That’ll Allow You to Write a Thank You Note That Makes a Difference
  • The Answers to Your Most-Asked Questions

You won’t have to worry about being blindsided by writer’s block or sounding like everyone else ever again. This guide will help you reinforce YOUR unique value.


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