Vice President Marketing - Durham

Location: Durham, NC, US

Job Description:


The successful candidate for Vice President, Marketing, will have responsibility for all marketing activities within AgBiome Innovations. (S)he should have a robust understanding of the US agricultural (including non-crop) market and market drivers, market and customer trends and production practices. The person in this role will develop, refine and implement the marketing strategy for AgBiome's products including market situation, current product trends and needs, key product emphasis, key segments and targets, channel programs, pricing, terms, promotional and communication direction. Additionally, this role will be responsible for identifying product packaging and formulations needed for market segments. Collaborative forecasting and demand planning will be required, as well as clearly and concisely conveying information internally and externally as needed. This role will help develop product roll-out training (including features, benefits, programs, and resourcing) for field sales representatives and key customers.

(S)he will monitor product promotional resources and prioritization and provide resource plans in annual product business plans and will lead the product strategy team. Close collaboration is required with AgBiome's field development and sales force.

As a leader at AgBiome, the VP of Marketing is expected to provide active coaching and mentoring to employees at AgBiome. Additional important competencies include excellent communication skills, pro-activity, decision-making, and the ability to receive and give feedback regularly. Our unique non-hierarchical and purpose driven working environment emphasizes team-work and focus on common goals.

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness

  • Set current and long-term goals for internal teams

  • Design and review the Marketing budget

  • Work closely with Product Management providing guidance on promotion, pricing and product positioning

  • Working closely with Communications Management, build strong relationships with media and stakeholders through creative PR strategies

  • Prioritize marketing projects and allocate resources accordingly

  • Prepare regular reports and presentations on marketing metrics for the CEO

  • Conduct market analysis to identify challenges and opportunities for growth

  • Provide guidance and ideas to organize effective marketing events

  • Track competitors' activities

  • Participate in the quarterly and annual planning of the company's objectives


  • MS / BS in agronomy, marketing, business development, or biology with minimum 10 years in marketing, strategic planning and sales/customer experience.


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