Get Organized For Your BioPharma Job Hunt

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Fact: There are many components to a successful job hunt. There’s the preparation of thinking through what you’re looking for in a future job and how to best represent yourself.

There’s the searching, and the applying, and the getting ready for an interview. It’s a lot to keep track of.

You can start to second-guess yourself: Did you overlook something important? I’m here to help you alleviate that fear!

The easiest way to stay on track is to get organized--and have a list of everything you’ll want to keep in mind in one place!

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With my FREE Job Hunt Checklist you’ll get the following:

  • Job Search Tips specific to Biotech + Pharma candidates
  • An online PDF with live links to useful websites (think: industry updates, FDA PDUFA calendar, the best job board…)
  • A printer-friendly version so you can literally check off your progress as you go
  • An organized list of every element of a successful job hunt
  • The jumpstart you need to get going (or get unstuck!) from a lackluster job hunt

 Want to make sure you’re covering all of your bases? Get the free, exclusive Biotech Job Hunt Checklist!