Finding Top Talent Shouldn’t Feel Like Internet Dating

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 We specialize in building unparalleled commercial teams that drive revenue, deliver results, and make an impact in the industry.



At Yaffa Grace & Co winning for us isn’t just about collecting sales and placements. It’s about the future of the Biotech industry--finding and advancing the right people helps you change patients' lives.

So, how do we find the best candidates?

First of all, we’re not box-checkers. In other words, we know that the job description is just one part of the story. We know that your vision for the company, goals for the product, and chemistry of a given team is as important as the candidate possessing a magic number of years of experience.

We’ll never send you mediocre candidates just to impress you with how many people we know: Every single person we send on has had three touch points where they’ve demonstrated to us that they can get the job done.

Finally, we don’t “do it all,” and that’s one of the things that makes us great. We are biotech and pharma recruiters only: We know what a PDUFA date is, why KOLs matter, and what it means to be patient-centered—so we can vet candidates to make sure they know their stuff too.

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to build a top-tier launch team

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people over paper

3 specialties

rare disease | gene therapy | oncology

 How it Works


Step 1

Reach out with roles you’re recruiting for


Step 2

Connect with our Director of Recruitment, Yaffa


Step 3

Sit back as a team of experts is deployed to screen for your role, company, and culture


Step 4

Receive frequent updates that maximizes and respects your time

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Step 5

Get connected with qualified candidates


 We Recruit for the Following Positions

biotech I gene therapy I rare disease I oncology



VP of Sales

Head of Sales

National Sales Director Area Directors

Regional Business Directors

District Sales Managers

National Account


Key Account Managers

Regional Account Managers

Institution Specialists Therapeutic Specialists

Field Sales Representatives

Medical Scientist Liaison

Reimbursement Account Managers

Director of Patient Services

Associate Director of Marketing

Commercial Analytics/ Data Management

Patient Services Managers

VP of Marketing

Director of Marketing

Product Managers

Brand Managers

Sales Training

Commercial Operations Case Managers

Clinical Educators


LinkedIn followers


States with placements


Candidate touchpoints before they reach you

Scale quickly. Grow sales. Save more lives.


We're a great fit if:

  • You’re only interested in the highest-caliber candidates that are completely pre-vetted
  • You don’t have the time, energy, or resources to scale as quickly as you want
  • You know hiring the wrong candidate can cost your company millions in lost revenue
  • You’re launching a new product and need a robust commercial team to support it
  • You’re ready for better results, maximized performance and way more impact
  • And you want to partner with a smart, highly-motivated, passionate, get it done right the first time recruiters, resulting in your new, unparalleled team

We're not a fit if:

  • You’d rather take your sweet time, doing all the legwork, searching, and vetting on your own
  • You’re looking for a one-off vendor who hangs out in the wings but doesn’t engage, or play well, with your team
  • You’re already seeing the sales you know your product is capable of, and have an award-winning team
  • You really love wading through Excel spreadsheets that info-dump mediocre candidate details all over your desk
  • Your favorite thing is time-consuming updates that eat into your lunch hour
  • You want to keep your company (and impact) on a much smaller scale, since you don’t have launch deadlines or revenue goals to meet and your product doesn’t make a significant difference in the lives of patients
Yaffa Penski is one of the BEST recruiting partners in the Healthcare industry with expertise in the Orphan/Rare and Specialty market. I rely on her as a trusted business partner when looking for the perfect candidate in any commercial role. I highly recommend Yaffa for any company looking for quality candidates that are hand selected based on your individual needs and characteristics.
— Caroline R. | Regional Business Director

  Give your recruiting efforts the benefit of some CPR


As a seamless extension of your team, we listen to your needs and align with your values to find you the best-in-class candidates that improve your reach, profits & company culture.

We know how critical results are in this industry. We also know hiring people with passion and purpose is the key ingredient for continued growth, rising revenue & a winning culture.

Find your ideal hires in less time. We thoroughly pre-vet, so you'll only need to choose between 3 to 5 on target, top-performing candidates - increasing revenue in less time.