Career Concierge

Up to 8  Weeks of Side-by-Side Career Guidance to Land Your Dream Job

You’re launching your job search, and want an industry expert who walks the walk to stand beside you and guide you every bold step of the way. Or, maybe you’ve been on the market for a while and haven’t had much luck.

Either way, as your career champions, we’re right next to you, identifying the best companies to apply to, hunting for the hiring manager, and helping get your foot firmly planted in the door and your glutes in the interview hot seat.

Land your DREAM JOB for $2999. 

Payment plans available.


  • Full resume review and LinkedIn audit to pinpoint any places that need to be patched up. 
  • 60-minute strategy call to review your career history and goals (so we know where you’re going next).
  • 60-minute job search strategy call to identify potential opportunities and decide which you want to pursue.
  • A fast and easy detour around the HR resume morgue (we’ve seen it, and it’s ugly).
  • Detailed audit of your interview materials (like your brag book and business plan) to ensure every touchpoint is perfect.
  • 90 minutes of interview prep to equip you with the surefire tips you need to doctor up your first impression for phone and face-to-face interviews.
  • 15-minute post-interview call for a quick debriefing, and the precise actions you should take next to really nail the interview.
  • Unlimited personal email support for pep talks, questions, and on-the-go guidance.
  • A career champion who has worked with hiring managers at some of the most cutting-edge biotech companies and knows what gets people hired (and what absolutely doesn’t).