You got into the biotech industry for freedom, financial success, the ability to think outside the box and to make an actual difference in the lives of patients. You take pride in your work and the relationships you’ve developed but you’re really sick of...

  • Being micromanaged down to the last minute + metric

  • Just checking the boxes and going through the motions without challenging yourself or growing

  • Getting passed over for promotions or transfers (even though you’re more than qualified)

  • Feeling invisible and unvalued for who you are and all your talents + superpowers

  • Bolting awake with night sweats about your company’s instability and dry-as-a-bone pipeline

  • Shaking a Magic 8 Ball to see if you’ll be part of the next round of layoffs

  • Dreaming about something better without going for it

  • Trying to land your ideal position completely on your own, and  always being the runner up


The Diagnosis Is In For Your
Exhausting Job Hunt

The biopharma and biotech markets are notoriously Volatile (with a capital V). Restructuring is the norm and competition is fierce—and getting even fiercer, as the pool of phenomenal candidates keeps growing. 

At the same time, you know there are still incredible opportunities at innovative startups and game changing companies, searching for someone just like you. You even have colleagues who’ve been catapulted to their dream job, working with top talent and truly making a difference.

You know it’s possible, but you haven’t cracked the code on how to land the job that’ll up-level your career.


Inject Your Job Search With Certainty

Personalized Career Strategy


Empower yourself knowing your LinkedIn profile is getting the attention of top recruiters. Rest easy with the knowledge your resume is making a serious impact in 8 seconds (or less!).

Erase the fear and confusion when no one calls you back and your email is a ghost town.

Stroll into that final interview with ease and assertiveness, because you’ve been coached on how to nail the standard questions—and still deliver a unique message that lifts you head and shoulders above the competition.


From the first handshake to follow-up thank you's, you’ll be equipped to masterfully navigate your job search from start to finish.

There are currently three ways to work together!


Stand Out + Steal the Show

Potent 1:1 Strategy, resume + linkedin tune up

Time for a new beginning? Ready to stand apart from the crowd?

This package is the cure for being “restructured,” uninspired, or scared about looming layoffs because your product is going generic. We suture up your weak spots and get you back in fighting form.

  • 45-minute 1:1 strategy call to equip you with the surefire tips you need to doctor up your first impression for maximum callbacks.
  • Full resume and LinkedIn profile audit to pinpoint any places that need to be patched up.
  • Customized job search strategy tips, where we’ll chat about how you’ve been searching and revise your routine for better results.
  • Email follow-up session to review the changes you’ve made to your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • All the confidence you can carry. 

Nail The Interview!

1:1 Interview Preparation + Strategy To Get You Noticed + Land the Job

You got your foot in the door, interview pending, ready to seal the deal?  Whether your job interview kicks off next week or you’re in the final round, we’ll give you the knowledge and tools you need to knock it out of the park. How you prepare matters. Your pre-interview game can make the difference in landing that next opportunity- we’ll show you how!

  • Detailed audit of interview materials (like your brag book and business plan)to pinpoint any places that need to be patched up + make you look and feel like the rockstar you are.
  • 45-minute 1:1 prep strategy call to equip you with the surefire tips to nail every interview, every time.
  • 15-minute power prep session right before your interview (think boxing coach style) to infuse you with energy and supreme confidence before the main event.
  • 15-minute post-interview call for a quick debriefing, and the precise actions you should take next to really impress with the follow-up.
  • Up to 2 weeks of personal email support for pep talks, questions, and on-the-go guidance.

Career Concierge

Side-by-Side Career Guidance to Land Your Dream Job

You’re launching your job search, and want an industry expert who walks the walk to stand beside you and guide you every bold step of the way. Or, maybe you’ve been on the market for a while and haven’t had much luck.

Either way, as your career champions, we’re right next to you, identifying the best companies to apply to, hunting for the hiring manager, and helping get your foot firmly planted in the door and your glutes in the interview hot seat.

Land your DREAM JOB!  

More details by application. Payment plans available. 

Can't decide which option is best for you?  Submit your questions and book a call.

  • Full resume review and LinkedIn audit to pinpoint any places that need to be patched up. 
  • Deep dive into your career history, core competencies, and goals (so we know where you’re going next).
  • Job search strategy call to identify potential opportunities and decide which you want to pursue.
  • A fast and easy detour around the HR resume morgue (we’ve seen it, and it’s ugly).
  • Detailed audit of your interview materials (like your brag book and business plan) to ensure every touchpoint is perfect.
  • Interview prep to equip you with the surefire tips you need to doctor up your first impression for phone and face-to-face interviews.
  • Post-interview calls for a quick debriefing, and the precise actions you should take next to really nail the interview.
  • Personal email support for pep talks, questions, and on-the-go guidance.
  • A career champion who has worked with hiring managers at some of the most cutting-edge biotech companies and knows what gets people hired (and what absolutely doesn’t).