Resume + LinkedIn Revamp


Time for a new beginning? Ready to stand apart from the crowd?

Whether you’re being “restructured” because your product is going generic — or just feeling uninspired, scared, and BLAH about what comes next — this is the cure.

We’ll suture up your weak spots and get you back to fighting form. The end result is interview offers pouring in so you can pick + choose your favorites.

How do we know this process works? Because we’ve placed hundreds of candidates like you. (Mic drop.)

You'll be equipped with:

  • A one-on-one 45-minute kick off strategy call to doctor up your first impression and give you the best chance of landing the interview.
  • Full custom resume + LinkedIn profile audits to highlight what you’re best at (and why you’re the best for the job).
  • Customized strategy tips for your job search (where we’ll revise your routine so you get more responses from recruiters).
  • Email follow-up session to go over the changes you’ve made to your resume + LinkedIn profile and make sure you’re ready for the interview offers to flood in.
  • All the confidence you can carry — and then some.

It’s your time. Inject your career search with the surefire tips that’ll get you the job.  

Not sure which option is the best fit? Get in touch for a little 1:1 support.