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A Successful Biotech Job Search Begins With a Top LinkedIn Profile & Resume

Work with an experienced Biotech Recruiter to Get Better Offers, Faster


we’ve placed 100’s of candidates just like you so I know exactly what your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter needs to stand out. 

If you’re sick and tired and applying (and applying) and not hearing back—or if you already know you don’t have the time for that rollercoaster ride—this is your one-stop job search shop.

Due to the volatility of the market and the abundance of professional resume writers , anyone can have a “good resume.” But that doesn’t guarantee a call back -and to be honest, one that’s six colors and four fancy fonts can confuse an ATS and leave you further behind than where you started. Not to mention, you need someone who can help you make your materials not only well-written but also industry-specific.

I’m here to help you WOW the hiring manager… in under eight seconds, with the standout LinkedIn profile and resume that you need.

We only work with biotech and pharma candidates, and we specialize in helping mid-level and senior-level executives land the offer they want.

95% of recruiters in the biotech and pharma industry use LinkedIn as their main recruiting source; and I’m one of them.

How it Works

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Step 1

Choose package


Step 2

Submit current materials and intake form


Step 3

30 min strategy call with Master Coach Yaffa to discuss career history + your goals


Step 4

Receive your documents in under a week


Step 5

Get interview and Land the Job


Get more interviews. Land the job. 

Find the Option That’s Right for You


most popular

Resume Package

2 versions of your resume (Microsoft Word and PDF)

Unlimited email communication throughout the resume writing process

Up to 2 rounds of revisions (We want you to be ecstatic!)

Delivery of Biotech/Pharma resume in under 5 business days, 48-hour rush available for $250 added fee


Land more interviews

LinkedIn Package

Keyword Optimized Profile to get you found

Unlimited email communication throughout the profile writing process

Up to 2 rounds of revisions (We want you to be ecstatic!)

Delivery of Biotech/Pharma LinkedIn Profile in under 5 business days, 48-hour rush available for $250 added fee

Content is delivered via PDF and Word Doc with instructions on how to transfer to your profile. We value your privacy and would never take your login credentials.


Get recruiters on your profile

Resume + LinkedIn Package

Everything described in the Resume and LinkedIn Packages Including:

2 versions of your resume (Word and PDF)

Keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile

Unlimited Email communication

Up to 2 rounds of revisions

48-hour rush available for $250 added fee


Free Cover Letter Template (You can update and change it as you apply to positions) Valued at $200


($1798 value)

land the job faster

Additional Questions?

Final delivery dates are subject to change based on submission and receipt of additional information.
Just need a cover letter? Book that option here!

Book a 15-minute phone call and get all of your questions answered.


Job Search Strategy 1:1 Coaching

It’s not uncommon to have a job search dilemma that doesn’t seem like it has an answer you can find on Google. What exactly goes in your brag book--not any brag book, yours. How does your personal brand stack up? What should you be targeting if you’re in a career pivot? How can you defeat your interview nerves for good?

Book 50 minutes of personalized, one-on-one job search strategy coaching for $350 per session.

Get started with coaching

Or add a coaching session to one of our packages with a $75 discount during the booking process


Let’s Consider Your Options




  • Creating it yourself without hiring anyone


  • Spending hours rewriting and second-guessing yourself (only to keep redoing it)
  • Not hearing back because what you submitted isn’t making an impact
  • Banging your head against the wall in a never-ending job search

Generic Resume Writer


  • Receiving perfectly proofread and professional-looking materials


  • Not being asked to include which institutions, payors, or KOL’s you’ve called on and if you have experience with P & T committees, to name just a few key points.
  • Ending up with a resume full of bells and whistles--that an ATS can’t read so you’re virtually disqualified
  • Being told you need to redo it after you’ve already spent a boatload of money

Biotech Recruiting Expert


  • Resting assured your resume is optimized for the Biotech + Pharma space
  • Knowing your LinkedIn will impress recruiters and hiring managers
  • Knowing you're making a memorable impression for the right reasons
  • Landing a better offer—faster


  • Needing to find a time to go the dry cleaners to get your suit because the hiring manager wants to interview you ASAP

Get more interviews. Land the job.

Helping people through the interview process from start to finish is my absolute favorite thing in the world to do.

Seriously, if I won the lottery, I would still make time to help people land their dream jobs.

I’ve placed 100’s of people just like you in the Biotech and Pharma sectors which means I’ve coached them all from start to signing on the dotted line.

You know that time is money. So don’t waste time in a job you hate, or spending all of your free time DIY-ing materials with your fingers crossed. Work with an experienced Biotech recruiter to maximize your time and your job search--landing the job you want, faster.