When to Walk Away from a Job Opportunity

Today, a colleague asked me about a time I declined an opportunity to work with a well-known rare disease company that was going through a sizable expansion. She said: 

Why did you walk away from all that business?

My Answer: 

1.     Because, the Director of Talent Acquisition dictated the rules of engagement before I could even ask a single question. It was “This is how you will work with me,” not let's discuss how we can work together to achieve top line results. 

Communication is a two-way street, not a one-way street leading to a dead end.

2. Because, I wasn't allowed to have direct contact with any of the hiring managers. That’s insane. How could I possibly provide any value, if I can't speak with the people evaluating candidates, interviewing, and making the ultimate hiring decisions? In order to deliver results, I need to get a thorough understanding of what they are looking for, what particular needs they have for their team/region, and any nuances of the territory (e.g., particular institution relationships or any other specifics). 

3. Because, if I can't speak with the hiring manager directly how can I be of any assistance to the job seeker? How could I provide insight on the process; or if they are not selected, feedback that could help them in their next interview?

I love what I do when I can be of service, provide real value, and make a true difference; whether that's building out a best-in-class launch team, helping a company achieve next level growth, or assisting a candidate with their career strategies and finally landing the job of their dreams. 

4. Because, in order for me to take on a new corporate client, I have to be able to provide value and make a real difference. Otherwise, I advise them to use another firm or post on a job search site since they are looking for resumes over results.

Communication and collaboration are the absolute cornerstones of my successful partnerships and yield the best results! Is this true for you too:Agree or disagree?

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