4 Steps to Nailing Your Final Interview

Last week I worked with a client on interview preparation: Let’s call her Kim. She had no problem getting an interview. Her resume and LinkedIn profile are both fantastic and her performance speaks for itself.

She is a Rockstar!  

The problem: She had made it to the final interview three different times and was runner-up all three times.  Sound (painfully!) familiar?

It was time for a retrospective interview audit. We had to look at how was she preparing for the final interview and how was she setting herself apart from the competition.

Analysis: She wasn't doing anything different to prepare for the final than the prep work she had done for the other interviews—and in the end she was selling herself short. Here’s the advice I gave her:  

  1. Conduct “real life research.” A quick Google search is not enough. Pick up the phone and call people in the industry, potential customers, accounts. (I can help with this!) Learn about the real challenges they face. Act the part before you earn the part.

  2. Incorporate this real data into your strategic business plan: Use it don’t lose it!

  3. Share your proactive methodology for preparing for the interview. Explain that you knew to consider factor ABC because of your extensive research.

  4. Demonstrate how you can provide the solution to their greatest challenge.

Nailing the interview is all about discovering pain points and demonstrating how you offer the solution. Competition is fierce. You must prepare in a way that demonstrates how you take initiative, how you create value, how you’ll make an impact.

Here's to rocking your next interview!

Yaffa Penski