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Hi, I'm Yaffa Grace

My Story

And not long ago, I was in the ER at 2:34 in the morning, blaming seafood for my sudden illness. Sitting in the waiting room with my husband, we joked about my doctor being movie-star-handsome. (To this day, I’d still totally hang a poster of that man on my wall.)

But then the results rolled in. And as the worst news ever fell from my hunky doctor’s beautiful mouth, my life went from solid to surreal.

I had Cancer. With a capital C.

Shock is returning home the same day with a malignant tumor, going through the motions with a nightmare diagnosis tucked into my back pocket.

Luckily for me, there was surgery, a successful removal, full recovery, and I’m better. But forever changed.

Once you’ve dodged death, you have an obligation to completely embrace your own survival. One person’s nightmare is another person’s motivation to persist. For some of us, it’s both.

For me, sharing my biopharma recruitment expertise became nonnegotiable. With over 20 years of combined experience as a biopharma representative, recruiter and career strategist, I know what it takes to get attention in this industry — and keep it.


Why Work With Yaffa Grace & Co.

Our guiding principles



We believe that Talent + Passion are both necessary to build a Great company.

Meaningful Impact

We make a Meaningful Impact in companies, careers & ultimately the lives of patients.

People over paper

Our motto is People Over Paper Every Single Time. Great hires are based on a fit, not just a resume.


Excellence in partnering with innovative companies + exceptional talent to deliver life changing treatments to patients.