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You got into this business to make a difference, so did I!

I’ve always liked the term “headhunter” even if it does sound (literally) cutthroat. Our job is to vet out the best of the best. And we don’t like going home without our trophies.

Winning, for me however, isn’t just about collecting sales and placements. It’s about the future of the Biotech industry - and my contributions to building its path to market. That all begins with not only finding, but advancing the right people.

To blueprint careers is to give them a plan. To design commercial teams is to envision how all the working parts make a complete whole. To remodel someone’s resume is to give it the shape worth viewing. To support an organization is to consider the foundation it’s built on and make integritous recruitments. To expand a career seeker’s opportunities is to advocate for their growth.

I architect the work life. I understand that disenchantment and Dead Ends are part of building a career, so I know taking risks and confronting resistance is a path to serendipity.

And yet… In the midst of all that goes into building a life, change can come along to knock it down.

Change, you may have noticed, presents itself in strange forms - like imaginary poisoned oysters...

My Why:

Not long ago, in the ER during some ungodly morning hour, I was convinced foul mollusks were the cause of my sudden illness, so I sat waiting around with my husband, both of us joking that we needed a poster of the movie star handsome doctor assigned to me, more embarrassed to be looking like hell around the celebrity than afraid of my symptoms. 

But then the results rolled in. And as the most caustic words fell from his beautiful mouth, my life went from solid to surreal.


I had cancer.

Shock is returning home the same day with a malignant diagnosis and going to the gym later. It’s like walking around in all that appears normal while toting a nightmare around in your back pocket.

Luckily for me, there was a surgery, a successful removal, a recovery, and I’m better. But, changed.

If you've ever dodged death, you have an obligation to fully embrace your own survival. What is one person’s nightmare is another person’s motivation to persist. For some of us - it’s both.

I have career seekers to help, organizations to build, talented people to employ...and one life to live.

Disease, cancer, chronic conditions - brilliant people are hard at work scientifically at war with them. And they have to have their headhunters, their architects, to get critical treatments in the hands of its rightful beneficiaries. There is so much in life we can’t control. But we can influence almost anything for the better.


The role you play is determined by the kinds of trophies you like to win. I’ve told you about mine. Let’s discuss yours.


It’s time to make your commercial team or career come alive.

Work with us!